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Clara Clara One-on One Dublin French Friday

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Jamaica I think I like you too Dublin French Friday

Jamaica – I think I like you too

<![CDATA[ Whether you like "I think I like you too" by Jamaica or not, you won't be able to avoid the hype that surrounds the...
Karaocake It Doesn’t Take a Whole Week French Friday Dublin

Karaocake first single!

<![CDATA[ Last time I saw Camille, we were students in a Parisian Journalism School. I was ready to move to Ireland and she had her...
70 Million by hold your horses song French Friday Dublin

Excellent French music video !

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Daft Punk Kid Stuff French Friday Dublin

Daft punk or not ?

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Jamel Debbouze Parodie Cabrel Dublin French Friday

Jamel Debbouze parodies Cabrel

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PS22 Chorus LISZTOMANIA Phoenix Dublin French Friday

Phoenix covered by a bunch of 5th Graders!

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